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Adidas Skateboarding NYC campaign

The new Adidas skateboarding campaign shot in NYC in August 2012.

Official Website:


Boki – Shot by Zac Steinic for our XII collection. 

Suit Up or Die


Fresh from the land of the effortlessly stylish, a new Swedish online magazine has just launched onto our screens.

Suit Up or Die is ‘a look at how fashion, art and aesthetics are being transformed by the online revolution’

Beautiful design and great content – we’re fans. 


    Posted On 23/05/2012 at 7:22 PM in News       

MBFWA 2012 Diaries Day 4


07:30 My cat (Lord Reginald Barclay) reminds me that it is time to wake up/feed him so I naturally roll out of bed with a groan. I’m in a suit wearing mood today.

08:00 Showered, and now time to poach some chicken for round 2 chicken sandwiches. We don’t start till 10:00 today so I can rest easy.

08:45 Espresso.

09:15 Arrive on site to a busy A. Gorman typing away. We get to work updating The Vine with images and M. Oakley Smith’s review of yesterday’s Ellery show. New Generation Collections Show #1 coming up.

10:00 Slip into my front row seat for New Generation next to A. Gorman. Everyone front row looks glamorous, but perhaps a little tired.

10:50 New Generation definitely had some standouts. Not sure sure about the kinky nun fetish wear from Collecting Pretty Boys but I loved Kahlo. Now we gotta run upstairs for the highly anticipated Jenny Kee. This is her first solo presentation since 1981.

11:40 Incredible archival presentation by Jenny Kee. Her silk print scarves were symbiotic to the garments and the surrounding environment. Wonderful styling by Romance Was Born, a collective vision. Now back in the media centre to prep some articles ready for words.

12:30 Off for a tipple with Zsdar’s Shane Newton, who’s ready to celebrate after his men’s showing last night. This calls for champagne!

14:00 Almost late for The Innovators. After a game of fashion musical chairs, and the lovely MBFWA doorman Miro’s intervention, I’m seated with A. Gorman and M. Oakley Smith, Selena Battersby from Attitude Magazine, stylist James Dykes and Yvan Rodic of Facehunter fame. Time for the Tafe collections (‘The Innovators’) to begin.

15:10 Some great talent at the Tafe presentation, but A. Gorman and I agree that perhaps some of the students should consider how short their hemlines are. Fantastic work from Kaylene Milner, who has just won an internship with Diane Von Furstenburg. Yuliy Gershinsky presented a considered menswear collection. High hopes there.

15:30 Just prepping more articles and then it’s back to the bar for bubbles.

17:00 We’ve been kicked out of the bar temporarily for a private function. Back to the media centre to post A. Gorman’s Michael Lo Sordo review.

17:30 It seems we have a few hours off until Carl Kapp this evening at 19:00. Time for some R&R.

19:05 Seated front row at Carl Kapp. Backstage is in lockdown and nobody is allowed to send images via social networks, so we’ll be getting the first look. Last year, Kapp’s presentation was a sharp, well edited and timed production. We can only expect more.

19:50 Carl Kapp didn’t let us down. His aesthetic for draping, folding and flow are all there, with opposing fabrications at every turn. So fluid. We return to the media centre to buckle down one last time, but things are starting to get silly! A. Gorman dons our photographer’s motorcycle helmet whilst penning her We Are Handsome review. Hilarity ensues. Christopher Esber is running a little behind schedule.

20:50 While the kids run off to Christopher Esber, I’m producing and pushing out one more article before packing up our kit and retiring to the bar.

21:30 Meet A. Gorman and M. Oakley Smith outside and we make a dash for Little Hero PR’s 5th Birthday Celebrations and wrap party. Signing off!

Mason Browne


MBFWA 2012 Diaries Day 3

07:45 Steadily waking up too late! Rolled out of bed and prepped for the day. No sandwiches today, we may have to fend for ourselves, or hit up the Golden Arches for a Quarter P0under.

08:20 Decided to take Sully (my bicycle) for a spin to fashion week today. A quick trip to the Art Gallery of NSW for Lisa Ho.

08:50 Made it to AGNSW. Many, many women waiting on the steps. May have been papped riding in on my bicycle.

09:30 Lisa Ho never breaks with her fondness for Grecian maxi dresses and girls with long, straight hair but there was a tropical Martinique banana-palm print in there that stood out, possibly better used to cover cushions. Now back on the bike to head down to the OPT for Alice McCall.

10:00 Seated next to the hilarious Nadia von Cohen for Alice McCall. We have decided to collect the terms coined over our week of this madness and Nadine shall pen a piece on them for The Vine.

10:45 Alice McCall was a delightful collection of Russian and folk-inspired dresses and separates. Great neo-tangerine and Tijuana pinks that are so terrific, mixed in with gold lurex mesh and sheer chiffon overlay. Collection may be a little derivative, but it was enjoyable.

11:00 Back to the media centre to produce more reviews and load pictures by our wonderful photographer Alex Singh. His backstage moments are so peaceful, almost a complete contrast to how we normally see the flurry of excitement back there.

11:30 Nadine von Cohen suggests we get our nails done at the Maybeline salon. I get myself a little baby blue MALE polish, alert – new term coined by Patty Huntington (Frockwriter).

12:00 Running down to see Bec & Bridge.

12:10 Wow! Huge living wall by Grandiflora the backdrop to Bec & Bridge. With the amount of phalaenopsis orchids in it, it must have cost a small Pacific island to design and create.

12:34 Broderie anglaise anyone? The collection was mostly white with azure florals, lace and sheer details. I just can’t get over that living wall!

12:45 A. Gorman runs off to Ellery while I play catchup with our reviews and images.

13:15 Blinding hunger. Making a b-line for the Golden Arches. Yep!

14:00 Running to the big top to see Oroton’s first ready-to-wear presentation. We’ve got high expectations.

14:40 They (Oroton) lived up to our highest hopes. Produced a collection of very chic, resort-style wardrobe foundations with nautical notes just perfect for a Hamptons holiday. All in all considering it’s their first go it was an extremely cohesive collection.

15:00 More catching up to do on The Vine. Our photographers swing by for a visit, rowdy boys causing a stir amongst the media babes.

16:32 I don’t have another show for 2 and a half hours. Time for a tipple with the girls.

17:30 Back to the media centre as an influx of beautiful backstage images flood my inbox. Load ‘em up. Very much looking forward to An Ode To No One’s debut at MBFWA at 19:00

19:10 Seated, front row with the kids from Limedrop (Clea and Nathan) ready for An Ode To No One. I have a feeling we’re going to see something pretty remarkable. There is a buzz in the air!

19:35 Whoa. Incredible. Print work formed over the body with the skill of a garment engineer. This collection is an homage to the work of a garment maker – totally flawless execution.

20:08 Time for some bubbles with A. Gorman and our lovely friend Megan Washington, who was with us at An Ode To No One. Awesome babe, wearing a fantastic cape that I wish to covet. Men’s group show coming up at 21:00.

21:15 Seated for the men’s show. Quite a silly crowd at this time of night. Perhaps too much bubbly. Looking forward to some glad rags for the boys.

21:50 Caught up backstage with a couple of the menswear designers – lovely boys. So much to discuss about the men’s collections. I think I may just wrap them all up in a review. Loved From Britten’s chic street, Zsadar had an excellent cut with a twist and shows promise for the future. Many had pieces I want to call my own, including a couple of play suits from Mils. Time to jump on the bicycle for the ride home.

22:30 Never, ever riding my bike to fashion week, ever, ever again. If I was exhausted before this is beyond such feeling. Time to collapse in bed. Two. More. Days.

Mason Browne

MBFWA 2012 Diaries Day 2

07:30 Woke late. Just 5 more minutes please! Time to put my face on, and don something pretty for the day.

07:50 Prepared turkey breast sandwiches, ready for another day of healthy living.

08:00 Espresso.

08:45 Arrived at the amazing Koskela for Zimmermann Cruise 12/13. Orange juice and bacon rolls to jump-start the day.

09:45 Zimmermann a delightful festival of candy floral prints in satin and sheer with laser-polka-dot details and subtle lurex lace. Now back on the school bus headed for Toni Maticevski, my favourite!

10:45 Wonderful collection of luxe separates with expert fabrication from Maticevski, perhaps not the best choice of shoes. Off to the media centre to edit and upload many, many images.

12:00 Turkey sandwich fest in the media centre! Now I need a coffee. Posting some of our more discerning reviews from A. Gorman and M. Oakley Smith this afternoon.

14:33 Now looking forward to Song for the Mute in The Box. Enjoying a few hours inside for a change.

15:40 All of a sudden the media centre is a-buzz with activity. Where did all these strange people come from? I’m pouring over tweets from the days shows. My schedule is free for the next few hours, I might slip away to the bar for a little R&R.

16:39 Just got out of by johnny (of Project Runway fame). Fantastic neoprene minis and pencil skirts with illustrated floral and stripe applied print. It was not what I expected, but he stayed within his aesthetic and brand.

17:00 Off to have a drink in the Mercedes Benz Star Bar with Phoenix Keating, having a chat about his pre-fashion week show last week. Watch that space kids, we might see him on schedule in the coming years.

17:39 Back to the media pit to tidy up a few posts. M. Oakley Smith’s review of Ginger & Smart is up here, and will most certainly ruffle a few feathers. It’s important to note here that if we don’t critique, nobody learns the way ahead.

18:30 Wrapping up for the day in the media centre with A. Gorman. Off to Jayson Brunsdon in a little bit. We can expect more Hollywood glamour from him.

19:30 In The Box for Jason Brunsdon and it is as I predicted, perhaps a little more vintage. Chatted to the models as they held pose, all of them a little cheeky. Just met Alex Zabatto-Bentley who was creative director of production. Wonderful man!

20:30 Time for a scotch on the rocks before the Neuw Denim after party with A. Gorman. Signing off for the night!

Mason Browne

MBFWA 2012 Diaries Day 1


07:00 Prepared chicken sandwiches for the team. My own special recipe including whole egg mayonnaise. Based on last year’s record of 5-days straight with only coffee for sustenance, we’ve decided there are no dietary requirements. Just eat everything. A sandwich a day keeps fashion flu at bay.

08:30 Registered. Walked into a media centre downstairs only to be recognised by the IMG team and ushered The Vine’s rightful place in another media centre, upstairs next to MBFWA’s new presentation space, The Box. Exposed!

09:50 By all reports, Romance Was Born was a hit, kapow from the Marvel universe. Abstract print and colour explosion, big gold star to Benja Harvey (better known as Paperform) for the pop-up set that appeared at the shows opening.

10:00 A. Gorman and M. Oakley Smith arrive. MacBooks out, furiously reviewing RWB. Media Centre is crammed full of fashion babes fighting over seats.

10:40 Kapow! Review of RWB complete, penned by A. Gorman and M. Oakley Smith. Now to lineup for Gail Sarronda with the rest of the fashion babes.

11:16 Fellow The Vine contributor Nadine von Cohen has decided her recap for this week of fashion will be “don’t they know who I am?!”

11:34 Exit Gail Sarronda. Mixed feelings. It’s colour, which is remarkable from a strict black & white past … But is it clown chic? I don’t believe that’s ever really a good thing.

12:37 Just left Gary Bigeni. Very chic, sophisticated Parisian lady with effortless colour combinations.

12:43 On the bus next to Jamie from OHJAMIE. Making a b-line for Kirrily Johnston. No idea where it might be but my stomach has begun rumbling. The hunger, oh the hunger.

14:23 Enjoyed a glass of Prosecco at Kirrily Johnston while she presented an Eastern Gypsy fantasy. Statement accessories, crucifix. Now halfway through homemade chicken sandwiches with A. Gorman. Best idea ever. My body is giving me high-fives for feeding our faces at fashion week. En route via school bus to Camilla, back on-site to the madness.

14:44 Amazed that I’ve just imbibed my first espresso for the day. Taking a break in the media centre, giving Camilla a rest while catching up with content.

16:48 Jumped on the school bus to Manning Cartell, only to feel a little woozey when we reached our destination. Sat this one out and contemplated nap time on a Darlinghurst Street. Classy.

18:00 On bus en route back to the Overseas Passenger Termnal, Aurelio Costarella is next on our radar. Suddenly craving the steak I have in the fridge at home so hard that I’m having visions of rump steaks wearing silk chiffon gowns. 4 more hours to go.

18:48 Seated (finally) for Aurelio Costarella. Beginning to get edgy with all the waiting in line … Pet peeve!

19:15 Aurelio is as always well-referenced and flawlessly executed. Time to catch up on our reviews. A. Gorman and M. Oakley Smith have taken a critical approach this year, and the truth speaks. Designers, beware!

21:19 on bus en route to David Jones for Ginger & Smart. Can’t wait to see what they’ve done with the new space.

21:23 We’ve been served Aperol Spritzes. Thank god! Off to our seats in this glorious new space.

22:00 No comment. After 10 years in the business, there are very mixed feelings in the room post-show.

22:30 Home! Now I just have to polish off a few more tasks before bedtime. A brand new day awaits!

For all the juicy reviews, details and images, don’t forget to check out The Vine.

Mason Browne.

MBFWA: The Lineup Day 1

Having spent my mid-morning hyperventilating over the official schedule, and not only because of all the excitement and anxiety, but I’ve now come to terms with the shows that just may just rock our socks off. Stayed tuned to the hashtag #mbfwa via twitter for instant gratification on the presentations below, in chronological order:

Romance Was Born 09:00 EST Monday, 30th April 2012
Delightful to see back on the official schedule this year, duo Anna Plunkett and Luke Sales have been sailing the seas of their success both local and worldwide for nearly six years now, with an aesthetic that stands apart from any other. You could never describe any collection as on-trend but what they do achieve is breathtaking, tantalising and taken from a world of fashion fantasy. My sources tell me their models will be donning Bulgari jewels.

Gary Bigeni 12:00 EST Monday, 30th April
The drape-master and creator of fine feminine shapes with fabrics that fall without fault, Bigeni was a standout last year and The Vine team just love him. I think we can expect an expert use of on-trend colour and that signature drape, but the designer’s recent dabbling with leather might just get us a little more excited.

Kirrily Johnston 13:00 EST Monday, 30th April
A popular industry and close-personal favourite, Johnston’s work never fails to be heard with statement-colour and silhouette, and the clothes are just so damn comfortable. Here we’ll see her SS12/13 line, but don’t discount her diffusion range (especially for the boys) which should release shortly afterwards.

Dylan Cooper 15:00 EST Monday, 30th April 2012
Those of you who followed the last season of Project Runway Australia will know Dylan Cooper’s wonderful (and winning) collection but perhaps also the designer’s eyebrows that could rival Alex Perry. I was never one for the graphic-print trend last year but Cooper’s application was fresh and glamourous. We can only guess at what he may present this year in MBFWA’s new presentation space, The Box.

Ginger & Smart 21:00 EST Monday, 30th April 2012
A ten-year celebration of a fashion-lifestyle brand is always a landmark achievement, and one hopes to see a standout collection of the pair’s signature effortless chic. This year they are taking us off-site to the recently refurbished David Jones Level 7, palatial and plush.

Stay tuned for Diary, Day 1 tomorrow eve.

Mason Browne 

Image from Ksubi Runway, SS10/11

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Lights, Camera, Crossed Legs.

After a long hiatus focussed on my other projects I’ve now sharpened my pencil, polished my Oliver Peoples and pressed my shirt cuffs just in time for what looks to be an exciting lineup of Australian (and the occasional Australasian) designer collections at Mercedes Benz Fashion Week Australia. More on what we can expect later, right now I’ll describe to you the kind of coverage I’ll be featuring.

Once again, this year I will be assisting Ms. Alyx Gorman and The Vine team on up-to-date reviews, interviews and features, as well as tweeting, hash-tagging and instagram-ing as much runway as I can manage. Train your browsers here for our coverage.

Alongside all this hard work editing, adjusting images to spec and sprinting between shows, presentations and showroom-visits I will be contributing to a diary of sorts, a stream of consciousness of thoughts, experiences and perhaps frustrations over the course of five thirteen-hour days of non-stop fashion madness. Once I’ve made sense of this stream I will then publish those words here on Does Not Equal for your perusal. In a sense, you’re all coming along for the ride.

For any breaking info, turn your twitter to #mbfwa or my own tweets here and I’ll see you on the other side.

Mason Browne

Image courtesy

Win some DNE.

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